Perricone MD

Brand + Influencer Campaign

The Brief:

Big Picture PR developed the cornerstones of the brand’s campaign, Born Seekers, honoring trailblazing accomplishments of female scientists to carry the launch of the brand’s revamp of its popular skin-care collections and staying true to the heritage of the Perricone MD brand of scientific research. The goal of the campaign was to push the boundaries of science and positively impact the world. Perricone MD came to Big Picture PR with the brand concept and sought to identify 20 remarkable female scientists who fit the target demographic of the Perricone MD brand, and convinced them to participate in the campaign to be a champion the next generation of female scientists by being the face a campaign that spanned both coasts with renown photographer Jock McDonald capturing these women in their authentic selves. Big Picture PR delved into female STEM leaders, and identified the Scientista Foundation, an organization founded by two Harvard female scientists who identified the need for female mentorship for young girls and women pursuing STEM careers. Big Picture PR worked to create a campaign that aligned Perricone MD with Scientista’s goals and set about creating a campaign to provide $100,000 in fellowship funding for pre-professional women in STEM fields to close the gender gap of women in science.

The Action:

The Perricone MD campaign launched with a ad buy with Hearst Media Group’s Harper’s Bazaar, and unveiled the campaign at a press event in New York with Dr. Perricone unveliing the brand campaign and brand’s re-vamped product line.