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With more than 60 hours spent on each piece, the brand flatters all body types as a second skin, with a luxurious feel to live in elegant details + trompe l’oeil effects designed to flatter with a timeless, iconic sophistication.

The Brief:

A female founded brand, the co-founders sought to create a lifestyle brand for women that is next-generation in luxury performance fabric that work + play hard. 

“Big Picture PR launched swimwear brand Hermoza with a placement with Oprah Magazine as “Best New Swimwear” right at launch that skyrocketed sales of their now best seller, the Genevieve.”

The Idea:

Hermoza’s swim brand enhances all women, and Big Picture PR sought to define that essence in the social media content curation and social influencer campaign. Identifying social influencer who embody Hermoza’s values of inner beauty, Big Picture worked with a select group of influencer monthly to seed the product and receive curated images for Hermoza to leverage in their social media channels to showcase the brand as women across the globe iterated the style of Hermoza to their lives.

The Action:

Big Picture PR began by introducing Baggu to the media through its editorial previews. Editors got a first-hand look at the product, and had the opporutnity to use the bags throughout the event to carry lookbooks and other giveaways. These editorial previews combined with continued media outreach brought Baggu coverage on The Today Show, Real Simple, People StyleWatch, and many other top tier outlets. Big Picture PR also leveraged holiday gift guide opportunities by creating a campaign around Baggu’s double-duty function as a creative way to gift-wrap presents. In addition, Big Picture PR secured an exclusive partnership with a celebrity gifting suite at the Sundance Film Festival that exposed the brand to A-list celebrities. Baggu was the official swag bag for all stars attending the event – signaling the product’s arrival on both the media and celebrity circuits.


‘As a small start-up company, one of the biggest hurdles you will face is gaining credibility. We brought on Amy and her team to assist us before we even had product in hand, to help attract some buzz. She did just that! The first season we launched any product, she helped us get into O, Oprah Magazine which was a huge success for us, as we instantly become “known” for a certain style of swimsuit which today is still one of our best sellers. This helped garner attention from other publications as well, which can be difficult when launching a brand.

We are thankful for all the hard work and assistance we received from BigPicture – they helped us through all the growing pains!