Floatley: Creating a Demand for A DTC Bra Brand

Media Relations, Influencer Marketing,  Social Media Content Creation & Engagement

Feel Good, Feel Floatley

The Brief:

Big Picture PR launches the ‘feel good’ line of products developed by an all-female founding team who delved into the research and came up with the ‘It’ bra, the Cozy Adjustable Bra for Big Picture PR to form a campaign around ‘The Best’ bras in the market. Big Picture PR set out to the task and secured top-tier national editorial placements in Vogue, Real Simple, Women’s Health Awards for the Best Sports Bra, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, x, x, x establishing Floatley as must-have bra and cozy comfort line to communicate the brands essence, to “feel good, feel Floatley.”

The Action:

Big Picture PR further developed the campaign by creating social content for Floatley’s social media channels setting the mood and tone for the brand and engaging a cadre of social influencers monthly to wear and tout the benefits of Floatley amongst a curated group of influencers that evoked the ‘feel good, feel Floatley’s motto incorporating the product in their daily lives from lounging, to yoga, to maternity and postpartum styles raising awareness, increasing social following, and engagement with the Floatley audience.

“Amy and the Big Picture PR team are professional and creative with flawless execution. Their wide range of expertise and resources enable us to engage with our customers in a voice that represents our brand and our values.”

Jennifer Wang,
GM Floatley